After I got home from work today I headed out to the hot (over 100F) workshop to complete the outside. I started sanding and then I got the gouge out again because I figured it would be easier to smooth off the top while it was in its most stable position.

I then worked up from 150 to 320 sandpaper, but while doing the 320 I noticed that I hadn’t quite gotten the transition from the body to the lip good enough. So I put down the 320 and picked up the 150 again and worked on that spot. Got it to where I thought it looked good and then went back up through the grits, finishing at 400. Used a bit of acetone (because it turns out I am needing to pick up some mineral spirits) to wipe off the dust and get it out of the pores.

Here’s what she looks like unfinished:

Sanded and unfinished walnut bowl outside

To finish it off I used Doctor’s Woodworks woodturner’s finish (walnut oil, carnuba wax, and shellac) putting on 3 coats with a bit of 0000 steel wool in between.

The outside is looking pretty good (at least it is to me):

Wanut bowl outside, finished

Now it’s off to reverse it and finish off the inside. Then it’ll be back to the outside to take off the glue block and put the final touches on it.