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My SO just recently found out that she’s going to be a grandmother again and her son and daughter-in-law asked me if I could build a cradle for them.

It was confusing at first because Ken sent me a picture of an Eddie Bauer cradle that had a couple of features they like: it glides (as opposed to rocking) and it has a shelf underneath. They told me they had it at Babies-R-Us so I went looking. Not to duplicate, just to see what it looked like, get some general size ideas.

After visiting 2 of the stores locally, it turns out they didn’t have them – Ken and JoAnna had seen a couple different ones that each had one of the features they were looking for and happened to see this picture while they were looking for something to show me.

They have one constraint, the place to put this. In their bedroom there’s plenty of room to put it, but it will have to be parallel to the bed. This would make getting things off the shelf a bit difficult so I took that into consideration.

I’ll really work on getting a sketch up this weekend (done the old fashioned way, the use of sketchup still eludes me) but I’ll mention a couple of items to try to give the idea.

I started with a standard bassinet mattress/pad as the base measurement (15″ x 30″), I’m going to use pivot hinges to create a glider motion, and the shelf underneath is going to use full length drawer slides so the shelf will be a drawer that can be slid out from the end to make all the items readily available.

I’m anticipating that the ends of the frame will be a double-H configuration with a single rail on the long sides for stability and a place to mount the drawer. The cradle itself will have solid ends using cabinet door technique to enclose the panel. I’m still debating whether or not I feel that I have enough skill to duplicate spindles for the long sides of the cradle or if I’ll use slats instead.

They liked the ambrosia maple and I liked it because I know where to get some stock that is wide enough for the panels I need, but there was some really pretty curly cherry there as well.

I have a parts list made out, just need to determine how to lay it out on the wood so I know how much I need to get. I’ve ordered the hardware (at least the pivot hinges and the drawer slides) and I’m still trying to make up my mind on the joinery.

It’ll be a couple of days before I update this because I won’t have any pictures until the sketch is completed and the wood picked up. I also won’t be posting every day as my shop time is a bit limited, but I plan on making steady progress so you shouldn’t have to wait [b]too [/b]long between updates.

Any time any of you want to jump in with advice I’m willing to listen.