Well, I had some issues this weekend. While I’ve cut the legs and the side pieces for the prototype, I decided it made sense to get the ends of the cradle built before continuing on with the remainder of the framework.

Since the pieces are all ‘handed’ and ‘faced’ – that is, orientation matters – I’m glad I decided to try this in pine before getting to the good wood. Mostly it went OK, but I managed to cut 8 pieces for the bottom of the frame in order to get 2 good ones. It was a combination of incorrect setup of the router bits, routing the wrong side, etc, etc, etc. I also learned that flat pieces is more than just a good idea :)

It turned out fairly well. Here are a couple of pictures of the cradle in clamps, nothing glued yet. I still have to cut the slots for the slats in the side and the mortise and tenon joints on the end.