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Well, I think I’ve gotten enough of the prototype cradle done to know that it’s time to proceed with the actual build. Besides, if I wait too much longer I risk missing having it ready when it’s needed!

I’ll be heading out this weekend to start marking up the stock for the pieces that need to be cut. I have the dust collection system set up now (thanks to a timely Christmas present of a new shop vac) so I’ll be able to use the drum sander to get all the pieces to the same thickness. (If anyone wants to gift me with a planer just let me know :)

The parents decided they liked a little darker finish than the straight cherry and chose a Merlot dye from General Finishes, a company I like a lot.

It’s exciting (and a little intimidating) to start working on the actual wood. I guess that after doing this much more I won’t be as hesitant to get started – but cutting up very nice and pretty wood gives me pause and makes me think about taking my and not rushing when I start cutting the lumber up.

Stay tuned for more pictures.