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So I’ve been getting busy on it and Friday night got all the shellac on it, then went to finish cutting the rails for the cradle ends. One went together perfectly, the other was just not lining up – it was offset about 3/32″ or so.

I finally figured out that one of the stiles wasn’t cut straight. Not sure how I did that, but luckily I had some extra stock that I’ve been using for setup and finishing testing.

In the process of figuring out if I had a piece big enough to replace the stile I found out something interesting.

Somehow I only had three of the cradle rails. i have no idea how that happened, I must have cut something too short when I was doing the initial cutting and I think that’s the piece that I just recut the new stile from (it was too short for the cradle rail.)

Luckily I still have some of the original wood left over so I spend the morning cutting, sanding, and putting shellac back on the new rail.

Now I’m out to switch out my bandsaw blade and try doing some resawing for the slats. I need to end up with 1/4″ strips after they’ve been through the sander.

That went well – the slats were cut without any issues. Resawing worked well, most likely because I had already cut them to width – and resawing something 1 1/2″ wide probably isn’t all that difficult. Still, good to get a little good experience under the belt.

Here’s a look at the set of pieces for the cradle with the finish up to the base equalization stain:

Up through the first coat of equalizing stain.

Up through the first coat of equalizing stain.

After I had them cut and sanded I took them over to the router to use the 1/4″ bullnose bit on them to round the edges. All went mostly OK. Mostly, because one of them tilted into the bit as I was about 1/2 through. Luckily my brain was fully engaged, realized the piece was already a lost cause and I didn’t try to grab it. The bit did grab it though and threw it up against the garage wall, about 10 feet away.

And here’s the result of being launched:

Glad the bit grabbed the wood and not my fingers.

Glad the bit grabbed the wood and not my fingers.

Time to cut and sand another, get the edge treatment done. Not a big deal.

I then got all the base dye on the pieces, realized that the base is going to look a little odd. Did some looking and I’ve purchased a couple of glue-on medallions to put on the base to make it look a bit better.

Now it’s mortise and tenon time. Getting close to assembly and final finishing.

I’ll be using a merlot dye/stain as the final color coat, then some satin poly as the top coat.