I’ve decided that this year I’m really going to do more towards keeping up with this site. Posting things I’ve done, plans I have, that sort of thing.

I do want to start up a newsletter. Randy Cassingham has started a new site called Emailified which is about small businesses and why they might need or want a mailing list. I posted a response to him (since he recently started the site he was looking for topic suggestions) and he was kind enough to respond directly.

One of the things he said was “You’re off to a good start with a nice web site. But it looks like you haven’t done anything on it for a while.”

It got me thinking. I do post in other places about what I’m doing. If I’m not going to post on my own site why should any of you want to be on a mailing list from me? The only guarantee, with things being the way they are right now, is that you wouldn’t be inundated with my mailings. Not that I would flood anyone anyway, of course – but you get my drift.

So, this year I’m going to go back to posting shop things here and linking to them on the other sites I cover. I’m seriously considering taking Randy’s advice on an email service and starting a mailing list.

What will I put in it? Not entirely sure right now (but I’m working on it) but I do plan on posting things I do to improve the shop (just built a flip-top tool stand), new directions I plan on trying to pursue, when I’m going to be at craft fairs, that type of thing.

I might even try doing some video of projects, at least I’ll have pictures to post here (and tell you about them in the newsletter.) I have a laser engraver/cutter that’s turning out be an adventure all in itself, I might cover that.

See you later.