Bottle Stoppers

You’ll find here a collection of images from bottle stoppers I’ve done. At this point in time I don’t stock them, they are a custom product. Unless noted otherwise the price is $20.00 each. Those that are from a rarer wood (Blue Mahoe, for example) or take significantly longer to produce (the segmented one, for example) will incur an additional charge.

You can see in some of the designs (Maple, for instance) one or more lines ‘burned’ into the stopper. This can be added to any design and will not, in general, add to the cost. It could incur an added charge if sufficient lines are added that significantly impacts the time to produce the stopper.

Not all woods are available all the time. Some woods may cause extra lead time if I don’t have them in stock – and could incur an extra charge if they’re difficult to acquire.

When you order your custom stopper you can specify a design or you can sketch one and email it to info at Due to the custom and hand made nature of these stoppers and the natural variability of the wood it will be impossible to exactly duplicate any of the examples.

I do offer an unconditional guarantee – once you have it in your hands, if you don’t like it just return it for a complete refund of your original charges.

Black Titanium Nitrite Brazilian Guava BS001
Gold Titanium Nitrite Flame Box Elder BS002
Chrome Maple BS003
Olive BS003
Cherry BS005
Ebony BS006
Maple Burl BS007
Bubinga BS008

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